New single marathon carriage for Saskia Siebers

We have worked all winter to present their new model for single horses. With the addition of a few new features, the carriage is now available for both horses and ponies. In 2022 a new model for pair horses will also be available.

Horse and pony models

Both the horse and pony models feature delayed steering and have large wheels (80cm diameter for horses and 75cm for ponies.) In addition, the carriage is substantially lighter than the former model, with the horse version weighing not more than 170kg and the pony carriage 165kg. The weight difference in combination with the larger wheels ensure that the carriage travels lightly behind the horse.

We have created extra stability by improving the suspension of the rear wheels. The new carriage designed for Saskia Siebers features springs from Reiger Racing, the same company that supplies the top ranked cars and trucks of the Dakar rally.

The driver’s seat can be completely personalized and moves not only from front to back, but with the use of a click system, the backrest can be adjusted as well.

50kg lighter

“I am really happy,” tells Saskia Siebers. “This carriage is 50kg lighter than the previous model and you really notice a difference.” Siebers has tried out the carriage in a number of obstacles. “Axel is naturally strong, but when we practiced on an incline, he was at the top before I even realized it!”